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Germany Beer Tours

Our Fall Beer Study Tour: Beer Bratwurst and Beyond…

Living the Good Life Along the Bavarian Beer Trail, October 19-29, 2018 


Space is Limited. Contact us now for information and availability.


A Pro-Level Tour: Discover Top Women Brewers, Hidden Craft and Monastic Breweries, Slow Food and Extraordinary Highlights on This One-of-a-Kind Study Tour


Presented in Cooperation with the Pink Boots Society. Partner: the Bavarian Association of Private Breweries


Travel Deliciously

 A different kind of Beer Tour. Go straight to the beating heart of Europe’s beer country and experience the enchanting world of beer and brewing behind the scenes. Quaff your way from brewery to tap to beer cellar and experience the pleasures of the local table. Meet pioneering women brewers and craft beer artisans. Enjoy a traditional fall Kirchweih festival and rock to live music under the Bavarian sky. Trek from brewery to brewery on a beer expedition through Franconia. An insider’s expedition, packed with unforgettable experiences.


Beer With Passion and Pride

Explore rare beer destinations and sample award-winning beers. Bypass the industrial breweries and scout out family-run breweries that have been in business for 400 years. Meet innovative New Wave beer-makers. Heft a mug of Zoigl beer (the real one!), quaff Kellerbier, outrageous Bocks, copper Lagers and very un-German IPAs. Connect with the brewers, hear their stories. Learn the secrets of a craft well executed and a life well lived. Experience Germany as never before as you delve into the taste, history and culture of beer.

Food, History and Culture

Experience one-of-a-kind food destinations, history and cultural highlights. Meet a master butcher and learn how to make Bratwurst in his workshop. Explore traditional German cuisine. Soak up the beauty of UNESCO World Heritage city Bamberg with its Medieval and Renaissance landmarks and unforgettable beer. Bask in the enchantment of the Bavarian countryside. Immerse yourself in good times, great food moments, amazing art and history!
Treasures of Europe is proud to lead the field with our Fall Beer and Brewing Road Trip — it’s the first German beer tour to spotlight traditional regional and private breweries, pioneering women brewers, the vibrant new craft beer scene and the first to include a special focus on Slow Food. An unbeatable value for your travel dollar. Offered in collaboration with the Pink Boots Society, the largest professional association of women in the beer and brewing industry in the world. 
Treasures of Europe and Pink Boots are proud to welcome the Bavarian Association of Private Breweries as our partner and on-the-ground sponsor.


  • 10 nights/ 11 days
  • Comfortable hotel for 10 nights with private bath (double occupancy)
  • Daily breakfast, welcome dinner and special hops dinner
  • Ground travel by coach with private driver, including airport transfers and transportation of your luggage; taxes, parking and road-use fees
  • Tour prep materials
  • Full itinerary, including brewery sessions, meetings with beer-makers and visits to taps and beer cellars -- including traditional small-scale regional breweries, new-school craft beer-makers and abbey breweries
  • Private Bratwurst workshop
  • Professional briefing on Hallertau hops, private visit to a family-operated hops farm with tour, tasting of regional beers and family-style meal
  • Zoigl brewhouse visit, brewery treks, special session  with Germany's legendary nun brewerster, Sister Doris, tours of two abbey breweries, visit to Bamberg, free time in Munich
  • You'll have the opportunity to taste an immense variety of  artisanal beers at your own pace, including traditional lights and darks, Rauchbier, abbey beers, Zoigl beer, Bocks, Kellerbier, wheat beers and new craft brews, such as German IPAs and new-school Pilsners. Many of the beers you'll experience are only available in Germany and some of them are only available at the breweries we visit
  • Private guide/sherpa, ongoing support and help with translation throughout the trip
Note: We're joining hands with Pink Boots, but the tour is co-ed and is open to all -- women and men! Participants come from across the country and around the world. Some arrive early or stay longer after the tour. Others prefer to pay for their air travel with airline miles. For this reason, airfare is not included in the tour. Participants are responsible for booking and paying for their own round-trip flights.
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Get Inspired 

SPOTLIGHT ON… Under-the Radar Regional Breweries Including small family-owned breweries, abbey beers, award-winning house breweries and local brew pubs. ⇒More

SPOTLIGHT ON… Ladies Who Lager Including the beer-brewing nun Sister Doris and the Meinel sisters who are rocking the Bavarian brewing scene with their amazing new-gen beers. ⇒More

SPOTLIGHT ON… Germany’s New Craft Beer Scene CREW Republic and other pioneering craft brewers who are experimenting with new yeasts, different kinds of hops and innovative techniques. ⇒More

SPOTLIGHT ON… Authentic Local Beer-Related Events Including a once-a-year fall village harvest festival with local food, live music and beery goings-on.

SPOTLIGHT ON… Slow Food, Local Specialties and Eats That Pair With Beer Including an exclusive sausage seminar with the Bratwurst King of Bavaria. ⇒More

SPOTLIGHT ON… Cultural and Historical Treasures The UNESCO World Heritage city Bamberg… The Spalt Hops Region... Cosmopolitan Munich and more.










































Price: $3300 per person. 


The tour starts near Frankfurt and ends in Frankfurt. The price is based on double occupancy. Single rooms are available for a surcharge of $310. Would you like to share a double room? Let us know if you’re interested and we'll look for a simpatico fellow traveler who would like to share. Your hotel for the last night before you return and the trip to the airport are included, so you won't have to scramble to find a place to stay or worry about dealing with taxis or shuttles in the morning before your return flight.

Beer Tour

Click Here for a Closer Look -- The Itinerary: Day by Day at a Glance




A Special Word About The Tour…
We think beer and food are two of the most gratifying passions a human being can engage in. They satisfy something very primal. But they’re about much more than what you drink or eat. They’re about nourishment and sensory engagement. Delight, myth and mystery.
Beer and food are also about people. About conversation and good times. They’re cultural markers, and they give you a sense of place like nothing else. History is recorded in the food we eat and the beer we drink. Search for the past and you’re likely to find it around the table with friends.
This beer tour is for you: You may be new to the world of brewing, beer and culinary travel. Or if you’re already experienced, you may want to taste new discoveries and explore beer and cuisine in greater depth.
Whether you’re new to beer… Or whether you’re a beer geek, brewer, Slow Food enthusiast, somm or a craft beer fan… A chef, locavore, farmer or cultural traveler — Join us this fall! Experience beer, brewing and local food as part of life and take part in the celebration.

Hops Harvestsmsl


  • Advance materials to help you get road-ready
  • Airport transfers
  • Guide and private driver, including ground transportation for group activities and transportation of your luggage
  • Hotel for 10 nights (double occupancy); Single rooms available
  • 9 meals (daily breakfast) and eats included with tastings
  • Full itinerary, including Munich, Spalt, Reichertshausen and the Hallertau, Mallersdorf, Weltenburg, Bamberg, the Upper Palatinate, Hof, and stops in Upper Franconia
  • Fall Festival (Kirchweih)
  • Professional briefings
  • Abbey visits
  • Brewery/Tap visits and meetings with brewers
  • Tastings offered by hosts
  • Zoigl brewhouse visit
  • Bratwurst seminar
  • Translation and technical support
  • All parking, taxes and road-use fees


Our travelers love our hotel picks. We skip the chains and zero in on local hotels, inns and guesthouses — most of them family-owned and family-run. Many of the hotels we select for our trips are historically or architecturally significant. Accommodations for this trip include a monastery, country guesthouse and three castles. Your room includes a private bath.


Travelers make their own air reservations and cover these costs. The tour starts and ends in Frankfurt.  Since the trip is during shoulder season, you will benefit from lower fares. You should definitely consult with us before locking in to a flight. We coordinate pick-ups at the airport and want to insure that all the arrival times mesh with the tour. Do you have a question about flights? Feel free to get in touch.

Ground Travel

We will be traveling in a comfortable, immaculate, late-model coach with our own driver. We’ll be visiting breweries, sipping and sampling every day. Don’t worry — our driver will not. He’ll keep a firm hand on the wheel and make sure we make the appointed rounds.


Reserve now — Don’t wait. Unlike large tour companies who can expand to meet demand, our tours are exclusive and the group size is limited. We will do our level best to get you aboard, but please send us your reservation as early as possible. Book by July 1 and you’ll get a discount. It’s easy and quick. Reserve online here. Or click on the “Reserve” Button. Questions? Email us at, or click the “Contact Us” button.

Note: The tour and use of the beer tour pages are restricted to users 21 years of age and older.